Yom Shishi, 7 Nisan 5778
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Avinu Malkeinu, Let us Wake Up to the Blessings Already in our Grasp

So often we get caught up in our daily lives - taking care of our children, doing laundry, meal preparation, shopping, work, and the like - that it can seem like there’s nothing good happening for us. The mundane rules our lives.

This month of Elul is a time to reflect on the many aspects of our lives, including those things we want to change, as well as those we desire to embrace. I search for the blessings I have been bestowed, the large and the small. These can often be overlooked.

Remember the old saying, “Count your blessings?” I have friends and family members who do this as a daily exercise that they post online via Twitter and Facebook. I smile as I read some posts sharing: Found time to bake cookies; Took an unexpected walk this afternoon; Completed a jigsaw puzzle with my kids. Some posts Other posts make me want to jump for joy on their behalf: I’m in remission!!!; My child was accepted to UT!; I spent the week with my newborn grandchild!

To be honest, I’m not the most reflective person. I know there are many blessings in my life lurking about and I am using the remainder of this month to search for them. I’ll be keeping a list of these posted on my Facebook feed and will share these on the Temple Beth Shalom Community Forum. I invite you to join me in recognizing and finding those blessings already in your grasp.

--Kelly Finkel, Director of B’nai Mitzvah Studies