Yom Shabbat, 10 Tammuz 5778
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All of my close friends and family know that I am hyper critical of myself. I tend to look at all of the things that I’m not doing well and forget about the things that I am doing well. I am very quick to brush off things that I accomplished during the day in order to sit at the end of the day and look at all of things I didn’t get to.

Most of us are not going to be people who are written about in history books and seen as great changers of the world, but where does that leave us with understanding our impact on others and the earth?

I think it’s very important to spend time remembering the little things we have done to help people and understanding that those things are just as important as the actions of more “influential” people in the world. You may not be able to solve a massive education problem, but have you taught someone something that helps them grow and succeed in their life? You might not be able to fix homelessness but have you contributed at a food pantry or a homeless shelter? You may not change people from being angry, but did you let someone into your lane in traffic?

All of these little things that we do every day contribute to a better world as a whole. They may not be glamourous or something newsworthy, but they are just as important. Give yourself a break and continue to look for opportunities to make a difference every day. I think it’ll contribute to a more peaceful world and a more peaceful you.

--Marissa Wright, Clergy Assistant