Yom Shishi, 9 Tammuz 5778
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Do you notice the blue-green icon with the Hebrew letter Shin in it located next to the Facebook icon? Up on the top right of each page on our site? We call this a Mezoogle. The Mezoogle is an interactive virtual mezuzah attached to the doorpost (or gateway!) to our site and the pages and content within. If you click on the Mezoogle from any page on our site, you are automatically taken here to view the Sh'ma prayer. According to Jewish tradition, a mezuzah is affixed to the doorframes in Jewish homes and places of occupancy. This action fulfills the mitzvah to inscribe the words of the Sh'ma "on the doorposts of your house”. Our temple's website is sacred space which now has a "cyber-mezuzah" attached to each and every page!