Yom Shishi, 9 Tammuz 5778
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Abraham, Michelle Shapiro.  Where Is Grandpa Dennis?  2009.  Ages 4-8.

This book is about a young girl learning about her Grandpa Dennis, the man for whom she was named but never knew. Mother and daughter share about Grandpa who died when mom was in high school.  When Devorah asks, "Where is Grandpa Dennis?", mother explains the many ways her father continues to be present in her life.  Mom says, "Different people believe different things.  I think that a person's soul lives on after they die."  Beautiful illustrations accompany this tender story.

Ferber, Brenda A.  Julia's Kitchen.  2006.  Ages 9-12.

Eleven year old Cara is sleeping over at a friend's house the night her mother and sister die in a house fire.  Only dad survived and he is lost in grief and unavailable to answer her questions.  Cara struggles with her grief and gets help from her Bubbe and Zayde and from creating a family scrapbook.  But her healing finally comes with her decision to continue her mother's home-based cooking business - Julia's Kitchen.  This powerful book is filled with hope and a resilient spirit.

Zalben, Jane Breskin.  Pearl's Marigolds for Grandpa.  1997.  Ages 3-8.

This is a beautifully illustrated story about a young girl coping with the death of her grandfather by remembering all the things she loved about him. She discovers a way to keep her grandfather's memory alive by bringing life to marigolds as he did every year. This book includes information about funeral customs of Judaism and four other religions.  The book is short, simple, and reassuring.