Yom Shabbat, 12 Sivan 5778
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The details of our financial lives can be daunting, especially for a grieving family. This material contains the keys to your financial life, and should be stored in a secure place. A floor-mounted or wall-mounted safe or bank safe-deposit box would be ideal.

Important Family Documents:

    • Will
    • Letter of Instruction
    • Trust Documents
    • Power of Attorneys
    • Marriage License
    • Divorce Papers
    • Housing, Land and Cemetery deeds
    • Escrow Mortgage Accounts
    • Vehicle Titles
    • Stock Certificates, Saving Bonds and Brokerage Accounts
    • Partnership and Corporate Operating Agreements
    • Life Insurance Policies
    • Individual Retirement Accounts
    • 401(k) Accounts
    • Pension Documents
    • Annuity Contracts
    • List of Bank Accounts
    • Social Security Cards
    • Military discharge papers
    • Birth Certificates for you, your spouse and your children
    • Estate Plan – A document typically prepared with instructions for funding and generating trusts.
    • Past Tax Returns and Present Tax Information (could be in either location but these contain a lot of personal information)


Include the list of the following type of policies, including the policy number, security and password information:

    • Health
    • Life
    • Homeowners
    • Auto
    • Travel/Accident


Proof of loans made and debts owed, as well as the account number and password information:

    • Mortgage
    • Credit Cards
    • Car Loans
    • List of rotating bills and services like gardening, lawn, cleaning
    • Charitable commitments
    • Legal Judgments
    • Personal loans – "I borrowed $200 from Bob"
    • Partial ownership in boats, vehicles, and planes

Sources of Income:

Include the nature, account numbers, security and password information for the following types of income:

    • Brokerage/investment accounts
    • Pensions
    • Social Security
    • IRA’s
    • Savings
    • Money Markets
    • Stock Certificates
    • CD’s
    • 529 Plans
    • Veteran’s Benefits
    • Checking Accounts
    • Legal Judgments
    • Personal Loans – “I loaned Bob $200,” and whether or not you wish the family to see to collect his debt.
    • Ownership or partial interest in a company