Yom Shishi, 9 Tammuz 5778
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The Jewish rituals surrounding birth provide context and deeper meaning to this awesome moment in the life of a family and of the community. At Temple Beth Shalom, we provide the opportunity for both members and non-members to celebrate the arrival of a new child. Brit Milah and naming for a boy and a Covenant service and naming for a girl are available either in the home of the new parents or with the community at a Shabbat service. Rituals for the welcoming of new life are performed in an inclusive style, including meaningful blessings and music. Ceremonies are customized as much as possible to meet the needs of every family with due regard for tradition. At Temple Beth Shalom, there is no fee for a non-member Brit Milah or Covenant of Life ceremony. 

Rabbis are available for consultation on the selection of a name, contact information for a moyel, and planning for the baby naming ceremony. 



B'rit Bat: Ceremony for Welcoming a Baby Girl
Originally, Judaism had no special home celebration to welcome female infants into the covenant.
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B'rit Milah: The Circumcision Ritual
B’rit milah, (literally, “covenant of circumcision”), also called a bris, refers to a religious ritual through which male babies are formally welcomed into the Jewish people.
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