Yom Shabbat, 12 Sivan 5778
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Upcoming School Events & Youth Programming

06.03.2018 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm

Classroom Learning
Beit Tichon completes our students’ Jewish educational journeys as they enter adulthood. The program is designed to help teens understand the wider Jewish world while developing their own Jewish identities by participating in a variety of courses. In 8th-10th grade, during Religious School, Beit Tichon students take a core curriculum where they are asked to challenge and discuss the fundamental questions of their identity, learn about life and issues in modern-day Israel, and unearth major events over 3000 years of Jewish history. They also select from a number of track offerings, which in the past included classes like Modern Hebrew, Jewish Ethics of Sex and Relationships, Hot Topics, and more, with new and different choices for the coming year. In 11th and 12th grades, students participate in classes with our Rabbis twice a month on Sunday afternoons. In these sessions students and our clergy discuss issues ranging from sexuality from a Jewish perspective, theology, and preparation for being a Jewish adult on college campuses and beyond. Completion of the Beit Tichon program leads to Confirmation at the end of 12th grade.

Community Learning
Beit Tichon students participate in community retreats, a spring break trip to NYC, service learning, and leadership development both within our walls and through TABSY, NFTY, and other teen organizations in Austin. All Beit Tichon students arrive at 11:00am for Schmear & Schmooze, where teens socialize while noshing on delicious bagels!