Yom Shishi, 9 Tammuz 5778
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“Make for yourself a teacher, acquire a friend.” - Pirket Avot

At Temple Beth Shalom we value our learners at every age and stage of their lives. Our youngest learners come together to celebrate Tot Shabbat and learn in our Torah Tots programs. School age children participate in Religious and Hebrew school programs offering various choices for our busy families lives, as well as family education opportunities throughout the year. Adult learning opportunities vary throughout the year and are geared to meet the needs of young and old alike. Attend a family service on the first Friday of the month, study Talmud at a coffee shop in Austin or join the conversation every Shabbat morning at Torah study! New classes, book clubs as well as women’s and men’s learning opportunities are being offered every year based on our community’s interests. Tell us what you are interested in learning about and together our growing community of learners will become your guides, your teachers and your friends.

All of our families are invited to participate in various family programs throughout the year including Family services on the 1st Friday of every month and various grade level programs. Our unique family education curriculum has been developed to enhance the learning taking place in our Religious School programs while providing your family a chance to practice Jewish living in real Jewish time! Our youngest grades will be learning about celebrating Shabbat as a community and at home. As your children grow, we will provide opportunities for your family to meet other families in your child’s grade while learning about g’milut chasidim (acts of loving kindness), Torah stories, volunteering together and eventually preparing for your adolescent’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah with the help and support of your Temple community. The clergy and Director of the Religious School at Temple Beth Shalom believe that family learning is integral to building community and fostering connections among our school aged families. These programs develop Jewish rituals and practices that will stay with your children throughout their lives.