Yom Sheini, 24 Shevat 5777
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The next Sisterhood Shabbat is May 19th, 2017 at 7pm at Temple Beth Shalom.

Sisterhood Shabbat is a special shabbat (organized by Sisterhood) where our members come to sing, move, listen, meditate, rejoice, clap, and pray. The service contains special musical elements and a sermon by a member of our Congregation, and is led by about 40 Temple Beth Shalom members. Our musical leaders will be Abby Gostein and the Temple Beth Shalom Kol Hakavod Ensemble. 


Musically Curious?

“I wish I could learn these new tunes.”

“I just sing for fun with the radio [or in the shower].”

“I love singing and have sung with the choir many times.”

“I can’t make all the rehearsals.”

“I’m afraid to get up in front of folks.”

“My daughter tells me not to sing…”

If any of these describe you, Sisterhood Shabbat has opportunities just for you!

Prior to Sisterhood Shabbat, musically curious members can join in a series of music-learning sessions with Cantorial Soloist Abby Gostein. Attend all sessions for the full learning experience and join in singing some music from the bimah at the Sisterhood Shabbat Service. Or, if you want to learn but can't commit to the full schedule, attend as many learning rehearsals as you're able to! Melodies and harmonies will be taught. Your learning will enhance your service experience as well as that of those around you in the congregation who will be inspired by your confident singing. You will be Abby's co-Shlichei Tzibur (conveyors of prayer) for the congregation! Contact Abby Gostein (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) with questions.