Yom Rivii, 1 Shevat 5778
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Memberfest Advocacy IMG 0108 editedWhat are the 2016-2017 goals for Temple Beth Shalom Advocacy?

  • Sponsor an Advocacy Shabbat with a focus on citizen participation in government
  • Conduct an Advocacy workshop — tentative topic is Decision Making at City Hall
  • Increase activity with Austin Interfaith
    • Elevate Austin Interfaith focus on Mental Health and Eldercare within Austin Interfaith Health Care Team
    • Join forces with Austin Interfaith Education Team
    • Enter into discussion with other Austin Interfaith institutions to find issues of common concern
    • Develop winnable action plans with Austin Interfaith to address these issues
  • Meet with City Council members, County Commissioners, and key staff
    • Help congregants learn how to speak effectively with those in power
    • Present proposed action plans
    • Negotiate solutions
  • Attend Austin City Council meetings
    • Demonstrate broad community commitment
  • Improve communication between the Advocacy group and the congregation
  • Encourage members to become Volunteer Deputy Registrars (VDRs) and participate in non-partisan Austin Interfaith block walks
  • Extend work on mental health to include updating religious school curriculum