Yom Shishi, 11 Sivan 5778
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What activities and groups speak to you? 

Temple Beth Shalom has many ways for you to gather with others and participate in all kinds of activities.  Browse our groups and find the communities and areas that sound fun for you.  Join as many or as few as you like.  Some of the things we’ve done in the past:

    • Prep food for those in need or for our congregants going through a challenging life phase
    • Potluck dinner and game night with your peers
    • Shabbat and Shabbat dinner with your peers
    • Family outings – baseball games, Havdalah picnics, kayaking, park

Learn about our communal opportunities by selecting below:

How are you repairing the world?

The Temple Beth Shalom community does amazing volunteer work both inside and outside of the temple walls. Tikkun olam is an important part of Jewish life, and we’ve created an easy guide to document the organizations and causes to which congregants devote their passions, time, knowledge and skills within the Jewish community and society as a whole. (We also have opportunities to volunteer for the temple itself, to enhance our programs and keep our temple running smoothly.)

B'nai mitzvah students looking for mitzvah projects can use our guide for learning about opportunities to make a difference, and as a community we can better connect with resources and one another.

Access our guide now

Thanks for sharing your tikkun olam efforts, and for being the face of those efforts to your congregational community!