Yom Shishi, 11 Sivan 5778
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Mussar with Allison Kramer and Rabbi Cohen

Adult Education
11.15.2017 8:00 pm - 9:15 pm


Room: Remote Class

Register Online at: https://bethshalomaustin.wufoo.com/forms/z1kdpzhh1ndi0ix/

Cost: $75 (if you already have the book) and $90 (if you don't already have the book)

The study of Mussar, an integrative experience of studying values through texts, meditation and personal practice began last fall and is continuing this year with two new groups forming immediately after the Holidays. Mussar offers a Jewish pathway and a set of teachings that will help you find your way toward becoming your best self, and our community to reach its higher potential. Mussar might best be described as “Jewish spiritual ethics” and has been practiced for centuries by people who sought to cultivate and strengthen the qualities of the inner mensch. Mussar has been undergoing a revival in the Jewish world, and we are fortunate to be able to offer this curriculum created by The Mussar Institute, the leaders in the field. This program is endorsed by the Union for Reform Judaism and is suitable for all, regardless of level of Jewish knowledge. There are no pre-requisites nor is Hebrew required.

Come join in small group study, one course option led by Rosa Schnyer, the other option led by Allison Kramer and Rabbi Cohen, as we explore together in a safe and caring environment what the Jewish tradition has to teach us about the traits of humility, gratitude, equanimity, patience, order and honor, among others – and discover how you can improve these qualities in your own life.

There are two options to take Mussar this year.

The first option is in-person on Mondays from 7:00-8:15pm at Temple Beth Shalom with Rosa Schnyer. In addition to individualized guidance and group interaction through a moderated forum, Rosa’s Monday night group will emphasize the development of a contemplative, Jewish meditation practice to fully integrate and embody Mussar into our daily life. The registration deadline is October 2nd for this Mussar option.

The second option is a remote course through Zoom (an online video classroom) on Wednesdays from 8:00pm-9:15pm with Allison Kramer and Rabbi Cohen. We will all see each other and learn together as a class from the comforts of our own homes. NO paying a babysitter or driving in the dark, this class is perfect for anyone looking for other ways to connect with Judaism. To participate, you'll just need 1) an internet connection and a computer with a video camera attachment or installed, 2) earphones with a microphone (regular apple earbuds work), and 3) a quiet spot in your house wtihout interruptions. The registration deadline is October 18th for this Mussar option.

The course, including the textbook, is $90. If you already own the book or don't want to purchase it through Temple Beth Shalom, the course is $75. You will receive a copy of the course textbook "Everyday Holiness: The Jewish Spiritual Path of Mussar" by Alan Morinis, and through group meetings as well as personal study and practice, we will explore these soul traits together.